Entrepreneurial Coaching

What will you get?
  • A deep dive leadership session to create a bespoke plan for the key outcomes the client is looking for. We usually suggest a minimum of 6 sessions over 3 months to see real progress.
Sold by: Ishani C
Business Name: Arctic 90
Service Name: Entrepreneurial Coaching

Entrepreneurial coaching and support including negotiations, mediation, conflict resolution and team management

$500 (ex-GST)

Choose number of hours

We have a deep passion for helping leaders learn to advocate for themselves, reach success on their terms, and build confidence.

Entrepreneurial coaching: Our practice covers coaching but we also jump into the nitty gritty of interpersonal communication, conflict management and dealing with people and culture issues as you grow your enterprise. We tailor our support to help you with negotiation, setting boundaries, cofounder/partnership break ups, managing team members, and mediation.

We offer coaching modules on a custom basis to suit your needs – this can be 1:1 sessions for founders/leaders as well as team workshop format if required.