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Find a bookkeeper
What is a bookkeeper? A bookkeeper records and maintains a business’s financial transactions. They keep track of things such as purchases, expenses,…
Develop a pricing strategy
What is a pricing strategy? Having a pricing strategy is an important part of a marketing plan for your business. A pricing…
Manage social media
Today, most businesses use social media to promote their brand, products and services. However, managing different social media channels, such as Facebook…

Why choose Made by Many Minds to find the experts you need?


Like you, we are migrant and/or business women. We understand form our own lived experiences your challenges and needs.

Support Desk

We are here to support you in a wide variety of ways. Our aim is to be a reliable partner as part of your team.

Business Network

Partnering with us means you will also have the opportunity to connect with other migrant women in business across Australia.


Our micro business experts have extensive experience working with migrants and entrepreneurs. We are here to support your partnership with them.

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