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Meet Peter Chapman, proprietor of Chapman Accountancy Services and one of the experts on Made by Many Minds. He’s an Australian Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years’ accounting, tax law and retail industry experience. And he can help you with all your accounting needs!

Peter gained a Bachelor of Commerce before entering the workplace and starting to build a career in accounting. Early in his career, he was lucky enough to be able to combine work and travel. ‘I trained as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse and spent two years on transfer to their London office.’

After gaining some solid experience, Peter made the move into the commercial world, becoming the Chief Financial Officer of several companies. The last of these was a major international luxury retailer. After a long and successful career, Peter retired from full-time work in 2012.

You’d think Peter would be happy to relax after winding-up a hectic career as a CFO. But the call of accountancy was too strong. ‘I ended up starting my own accounting practice working from home. I now have over 60 clients but keep my work down to about 20 hours a week, thanks to the power of good software and my more than 35 years of experience.’

While his long experience stands him in good stead, Peter continues to upskill, gaining qualifications and certifications to keep him on top of changes in the profession. He’s able to offer a full range of services to micro-business owners. ‘I’m a Xero Certified Advisor, Xero Gold Partner, BAS agent and ASIC agent. I offer a virtual Chief Financial Officer service and provide a complete bookkeeping, accounting, monthly reporting, BAS and taxation service. And I do lot of Trust set ups.’

Peter is equipped to provide accountancy services to business at all stages of growth, but works with many new businesses. ‘I do a lot of new company setups – registering the company, setting up a Xero accounting system and offering guidance and advice.’

It’s obvious Peter has a wealth of knowledge to share with micro business owners in the early stages of their business journey. So, what does he enjoy most about his work? ‘I really enjoy guiding and advising new business owners, and helping them understand and manage their businesses.’

Thank you, Peter!

To find out more about Peter’s business services, visit his Made by Many Minds profile page.

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