Terms & Conditions

Made by Many Minds Terms and Conditions

Formed with social enterprise Migrant Women in Business Pty Ltd, Made by Many Minds is an online business to business (B2B) marketplace that connects and mediates the hands-on support for migrant and refugee women with nano and micro businesses (Buyer)  from professional business experts (referred to as expert or seller).

Made by Many Minds has a deep understanding of the migration experience and the significant representation challenges that migrant women face in the Australian workforce. By breaking down economic barriers these women face when coming to Australia, Made by Many Minds provides networking activities and easily accessible digital tools designed for migrant women entrepreneurs who have varying levels of English literacy, technology skills, business opportunities and understanding of business culture in Australia.

The team behind Made By Many Minds have been drawn together by a passion to support entrepreneurial women in Australia to gain economic empowerment, with advocates being advisors and businesswomen who believe that it only takes an opportunity to transform a simple idea into an empire.

The mission behind Made by Many Minds is to support migrant entrepreneurs with hands-on support from professional skilled people (experts) who know what to do in business, and how to do it.

Made by Many Minds is designed for migrant women with different levels of digital and English literacy and increases their digital connectivity. In our experience, we have learned that the platform needs to be accessible from all devices, browsers, and locations around Australia. The connectivity tools will consider different formats, which we know are more accessible to women with lower literacy levels. 

Key to our offer is a strong Business Support Desk that is accessible in working hours by phone, video call, chat or by FAQ page.

At Made by Many Minds, everyone is expected to treat experts, clients and members of the community with respect. As an expert provider you have additional responsibilities to safeguard personal information and communicate promptly with our clients to provide a great customer experience.

These basic requirements will set you up for success on Made by Many minds.

Who can offer services on Made by Many Minds?

Anyone who is an expert in their field and can support migrant women in business. Each expert must complete a submission before being accepted.

What Can be Sold on Made by Many Minds?

Made by Many Minds is a platform for experts to offer their services to support Migrant and Refugee Women in business in Australia.

How does it work?

Migrant Women in Business provides the Made by Many Minds platform. You as an expert can register your business for free. At the time of sale, you pay Made by Many Minds a 15% commission for the sale of your service and receive 85% of the sale price.

Any costs associated with your service such as insurance, travel, resources, etc. is your responsibility, and we recommend that you charge this on to buyers in the check-out process.

Our Selling Terms

Made by Many Minds may remove any listings that violate our policies. If the Made by Many Minds team has reason to believe you, your content, or your use of the services violate our Terms, including this Seller Policy, we may deactivate your content or suspend or terminate your account.

By selling on Made by Many Minds, you agree to:

  • Accurately describe your services in the text.
  • Include a professional image of yourself in your listing.
  • Ensure all your insurances and professional accreditations are relevant and up to date.
  • You are fully responsible for your content, such as any text, photos or videos used to represent yourself, your service, or your listings. Note:
    • Use your own photography and advertising materials.
    • Be clear about your values and ways of working.
    • Provide honest information about your story and if you are a migrant, how you came to be in Australia and started a business. If you need help with this writing task – we will do our best to help you. We are creating a community and therefore we want people to be open and honest in their communications.
    • Do not copy other expert’s listings. If you need help writing up your own listing, get in touch.
    • The Made by Many Hands team is here to mediate your interaction with the buyer if it is needed.
    • We appreciate prompt responses to any questions / requests as part of the expert/seller’s service to the buyer. 
  • As an expert, you must provide great customer service and maintain trust with your buyers.
  • You must honour service delivery times. Experts must complete a transaction with a buyer in a quick manner unless there is an exceptional circumstance.
    • Respond to messages in a timely manner.
    • Not be abusive, threatening, offensive or harassing to buyers
    • Not be false, deceptive of misleading
    • Honour the commitments you make in your policies
  • If you are unable to complete a transaction, you must notify the buyer via the Made by Many Minds platform and cancel the transaction. If the buyer already submitted payment, you must issue a full refund. You must keep proof of any refunds in the event a dispute arises.
  • Communicating with buyers can only relate to the purchase or sale of your service over the Made by Many Minds Platform.
  • You must not use the platform to send advertising and promotions for sales performed outside the platform.
  • For buyers you met through the Made by Many Minds Platform you must not sell outside the platform.
  • Agree to receive 85% of the sale price of your product and pay Made by Many Minds a 15% of the sale price as a commission fee for access to the platform.
  • Experts must hold a PayPal account to receive payments and any relevant licenses, insurances, and registrations relevant to your service. Seller must comply with PayPal’s terms and conditions.
  • Must not try avoiding paying Made by Many Minds’ commission fees for any prospective or actual sales.
  • Reviews of you and your service can only be removed by the Made by Many Minds team. In the case of a buyer/expert/review dispute you need to put your request in writing detailing your reasons.
  • You are responsible for protecting members’ personal information you receive or process, and you must comply with all relevant legal requirements in your Australian State or Territory.
  • You must comply with the Made by Many Minds refund policy. Should you have your own additional terms, these can be included in tour seller portal. Made by Many Minds reserves the right to make any final decisions regarding refunds should a dispute arise between you as the seller and a buyer.
  • As an expert ‘Seller’ you define your hourly rate, and quote hourly 
  • The services will be paid by the seller by two possible ways; with a courtesy voucher that a social investor provide from Made by Many Minds, or paid by the buyer. The only free service is the first 15 minutes consultation when the buyer requests your services. 


  • Made by Many Minds assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or content of its Experts’ listings.
  • Current Professional Indemnity Insurance is required by all experts (the seller) and must be provided when requested. 
  • You and Made by Many Minds agree that any dispute arising related to these Terms, will be resolved solely through individual negotiation and will not be brought as a class arbitration, class action, or any other type of representative proceeding.
  • Made by Many Minds uses PayPal as its third-party payment processor. In no event shall Made by Many Minds be liable for any errors or financial damages caused by the third-party payment processor.
  • If you have a disagreement with a buyer or expert, you release us from claims, demands and damages of every kind and nature, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes.