Design & Build My Dream Biz

What will you get?
  • The programme runs for 3 months. This gives you enough time to plan, make needed changes, see progress, and move the needle for optimum results.
  • Focus is on creating the vision and exploring your ambition, desires and aspirations. We will design a system that will make time for the things you want to accomplish and how to get there.
  • Deep dive into planning out how you can achieve these goals set.
  • Action plan on how to execute the plan designed. Execution will be the differentiator. We will set specific goals to focus on for the next 3 months and work from a well-crafted plan, that will reduce mistakes
, save time, provide focus, remove guesswork
 and provide measurable progress.
  • We will prioritise and work out what is what you should focus on at any given time and out what is the best use of your time.
  • In order to reach your desired goals, you are going to develop an important habit of tracking your progress. That means you are going to make your goals measurable in order to be able to track them in order to measure your degree of success and adjust/correct the plan as necessary. You will master the art of correction and repeated planning to make ensure you meet your goals.
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Business Name: Intentional Living Consultancy
Service Name: Design & Build My Dream Biz

This programme is for women and mums seeking an accelerated professional and personal programme to help them transition from employment to business and support their vision, goals and ideas.

You are focused and driven, and know what you want, and you seeking accountability and a sounding board for your projects and ideas.

This is a 3-month programme focusing on starting, growing or scaling your business. It is an implementation-driven programme(someone who is seeking to really fast track their results, impact, influence and growth.)

My goal is to develop you as a laser-focused entrepreneur and put you in a position to earn from your business and stop the hustle whilst managing your caring responsibilities, but without the stress, overwhelm and burnout.

$2,000 (ex-GST)

Choose number of hours

As a lifestyle and business coach, I teach women and mothers how to execute their gifts and strengths in the marketplace and be paid well for the value they bring, using a signature 4-step framework mentorship programme.

🌸Passion- what drives you, your likes, what moves/breaks your heart.

🌸Proficiency- what you are good at, naturally.

🌸Proclivity- things you are inclined or predisposition to lean towards, capture your attention.

🌸Principles– what is important to you, your values, and your beliefs.

My programme offers lean strategies and personalised solutions for each family because as mums we are time-strapped – meaning we do have the time to try out too many things, or programmes designed by other people who have 60 hours to put into their businesses and do not understand the demands and the roles mum and women have in their homes. We need quick effective solutions to everyday challenges in our homes, business or careers, which is exactly what  I offer in the Design & Build My Dream Biz Mentorship Programme.