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Arctic 90 is an entrepreneur-led consultancy that prioritises operational excellence and strategic execution to drive business results. Our primary focus is assisting you in accomplishing critical tasks for your business's growth by leveraging our lived experience of entrepreneurship. We offer services in all key areas of operation from strategic planning to new market entry and everything in between. We also take on interim operational roles within high growth companies who might not necessarily have all their key team roles staffed and/or need additional help from experienced entrepreneurs to get things done! We are particularly interested in helping micro and small businesses thrive and encourage CALD women to take on entrepreneurial challenges. Arctic 90 was founded by Ishani Chattopadhyay who has 23+ years of business/entrepreneurial experience in Australia, UK, USA and Asia. Sarah Agboola is a Partner in the firm and Founder of m-time. (Forbes 30 under 30 and winner of Small Business Leader of the year 2022)

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