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Sold by: clemmdaya
Business Name: Marginfy
Service Name: Price your products for your business


$185 (ex-GST)

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Pricing makes or breaks your business. I will set your business up in my powerful online software Marginfy which will:

  • Allow you to set a desired annual profit and recommend the right pricing
  • Allow you to track your overhead costs to maximise profit
  • Allow you to model changes in quantities and costs to plan re-order levels
  • Allow you to see the impact of discounting and price changes on your profit
  • Allow you to determine the best platform for you to sell on based on costs and impact on margin
  • Allow you to understand which products to focus on

A good business idea that creates a service or product that sells is the easypart, the challenging part is ensuring you have enough money at the right time to keep the business growing and flourishing. This model will equip you with the tools to understand this key aspect and is a core part of any business plan.