Maria Alejandra Abondano, MAA

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Are you a micro business owner struggling to establish your brand and stand out in a crowded market? Meet Alejandra, a passionate entrepreneur and marketing and branding expert who loves to share her knowledge with others.

Born and raised in Colombia, Alejandra first came to Australia 11 years ago. In Australia she studied English and then an MBA, but ended up falling in love with the country.

Another love was business, something that emerged when she was a little girl. ‘I used to sell biscuits and jewellery at school,’ she says. It seems that Alejandra was a born entrepreneur. ‘I always knew I wanted to be my own boss. After several years of learning, I set up small businesses with different business partners. Through this, I discovered that my purpose was to create a brand that supports traditional craftsmanship, while making women feel empowered and happy with their style and the clothes they wear.’

The result was Continente Dorado, an accessories brand that combines artisan craftsmanship with contemporary designs. But Alejandra’s passion for entrepreneurship doesn’t stop there. ‘As an entrepreneur myself, I’m passionate about helping others to transform their ideas into a profitable business,’ she says.

Alejandra feels ‘empowered and absolutely confident’ when sharing her business knowledge with others. ‘Through my entrepreneurship journey I’ve acquired experience on building a small business from scratch. I help micro businesses as a mentor in any stage of their process, whether their businesses are in the idea, launch or growth phases.’ She believes that everyone has the potential to turn their dreams into a reality, but it starts with understanding their ‘why’.

‘When I started my business journey, I didn’t know how to begin until I started having business coaching,’ she says. ‘Having a mentor is essential in business, and I’m passionate about helping women to scale their potential with branding and costing. They’re the foundations of business.’

In Alejandra’s experience, ‘being a small business owner can be tough, but it’s also one of the most rewarding jobs. My favourite moments are I can use my knowledge and creativity to change people’s lives.’

And how does that happen? Alejandra is clear. ‘Every business starts by understanding their purpose, what they’re good at, and how that can turn into profit,’ she explains. ‘The business formula comes from inside out. My passion is branding, which is key to establishing credibility and building trust with customers. I help businesses grow through a powerful brand strategy.’

So, if you’re a micro business owner looking to establish your brand and take your business to the next level, why not get in touch with Alejandra? You can find her business profile and services at her Made by Many Minds page.

Made by Many Minds