Shervin Ranjbar, Zero Textile Waste Consulting

Made by Many Minds

Meet Shervin, a textile engineer, sustainability expert, entrepreneur and mentor with a passion for empowering micro businesses. With over two decades of experience in the textile and fashion industry, and experience working with micro business owners, Shervin possesses knowledge and skills to help migrant women business owners on their business journey.

Born in a Kurdish region in the western part of Iran, Shervin completed Master’s degrees in textile engineering and fibre science in Iran before moving to Australia on 2001. A passionate learner who loves to share knowledge with others, Shervin undertook further study at RMIT University in Melbourne. ‘In the year before COVID, I started my second Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship while working full-time. Balancing work, life, and studies during the pandemic was challenging, but I was grateful for the opportunity to learn and update my knowledge. I never took it for granted, knowing that many women around the world don’t have such opportunities.’

In 2021, Shervin’s commitment to sustainability led her to establish a new venture with a friend and colleague. Zero Textile Waste aims to address the environmental impact of the textile industry. They aim to find innovative ways to repurpose textile waste and generate income for smaller ventures, transforming what was once considered trash into valuable resources.

Around the same time, Shervin found herself drawn to sharing her business knowledge with others. ‘I decided to share my entrepreneurial and manufacturing knowledge with those who don’t have such advantages. I felt it to be my social responsibility. I started using social media platforms to run workshops and courses for female-run micro businesses. I collaborated with Iranian universities and institutes, designing and teaching entrepreneurship courses to build up micro businesses in Iran.’

Shervin’s personal journey as a migrant woman fuels her dedication to helping others. ‘As a migrant woman, I know how lonely and tough it is to settle in a new country, let alone build a business from scratch without any network. In a migrant family, the woman is often the last person to have the opportunity and time to settle in…For that reason, I also joined Migrant Women in Business. Migrant Women in Business means a lot to me. It gives me wings to fly. It gives me a sense of belonging to a greater cause.’

While things haven’t always been easy, Shervin’s positivity is inspiring. ‘Life has been very generous to me, so I always look for opportunities to pay it forward and do my share to make the world a better place to live in.’

Shervin’s dedication to supporting micro businesses is reflected in the services she’s offering through Made by Many Minds. They include product development, solopreneur business development, and even video production. Her expertise can help business owners refine their products, establish effective growth strategies, and elevate their brands.

Shervin’s generosity and unique experience make her a valuable asset for micro business owners. She’s a mentor who is passionate about empowering others and creating a positive impact in the world. Find out more about Shervin’s business and services at her Made by Many Minds page.


Made by Many Minds