Mabble Munyimani, Intentional Living Consultancy

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Mabble Munyimani offers personal and business coaching services on Made by Many Minds through her business, Intentional Living Consultancy.

From Zimbabwe to the UK and now Australia, life has been a journey for Mabble. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, Mabble later found herself drawn to the idea of starting her own business and making a difference in people’s lives.

After moving to the UK to study nursing, Mabble married and started a family. After another move – this time to Australia – Mabble found herself feeling unfulfilled in her job. It wasn’t until she met a life coach named Tendai that she began to realise that she had the power to change her life and pursue her passions.

‘Meeting Tendai was a turning point for me,’ Mabble explains. ‘She was the first person who ever told me that I could change things if I wasn’t happy with my job and my life. It was a wake-up call for me, and I knew I had to do something to make a change.’

With Tendai’s guidance and support, Mabble discovered a passion for personal development and coaching. She enrolled to study Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, confident that she could make a difference for people as a coach. ‘I am a natural learner, teacher, and facilitator,’ Mabble says. ‘I just grew into myself.’

Mabble’s passion for coaching is palpable. ‘I am in my most natural state when I am coaching someone,’ she says. ‘I totally believe in the process and that each person possesses all the answers within themselves. Partnering and journeying with them through this process of self-discovery is an honour and a privilege that I never take for granted. When my client wins, I win.’

She talks about the ‘messy middle,’ and how the process of personal development is different for everyone. ‘It requires patience, courage, boldness, discipline, focus, resilience and tenacity. And my job is to support and hold my clients’ hands as they grow and develop these attributes,’ Mabble explains.

With a background in entrepreneurship and personal development, Mabble is perfectly positioned to help small and micro business owners overcome the challenges they face. She understands that micro businesses have a unique set of challenges, from limiting beliefs and fears to marketing and strategic challenges. For business owners, Mabble’s approach ‘focuses on moving forward and finding resources and pathways to facilitate the growth of the business.’

Mabble’s approach to business coaching is collaborative, working closely with her clients to identify their goals and develop a plan to achieve them. ‘We focus on the mindset, plan and strategy required to get what they want so they grow and not remain stuck.’

For Mabble, coaching is not just a job, but a passion. She believes that everyone has the power within themselves to achieve their goals. ‘Seeing someone empowered and confident within themselves and in their abilities to go for all the opportunities and live their best life is a feeling I never get used to. It is truly rewarding,’ Mabble concludes.

As a coach, Mabble passionate about helping clients to achieve their goals and unlock their potential. With her passion for personal development and her background in entrepreneurship, she is uniquely positioned to help small business owners overcome their challenges and achieve success.

Thanks, Mabble!

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