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Let’s meet Carla Granifo, whose business focuses photography, styling & make-up for brands. She’s also one of the experts offering services on Made by Many Minds.

Carla was born in Chile, and studied fashion production, art direction and photography in Argentina. She found work in fashion shows and fashion productions, and also studied makeup. Carla worked on music videos and television commercials doing makeup, art direction and styling, as well as taking pictures for different brands. She also worked with emerging artists, helping them with their style and personal image creation.

Carla built an impressive creative CV in the creative industries. It was photography, however, that was to become her focus, initially through necessity. ‘When I studied fashion production (in Argentina), I had the opportunity to tell stories through fashion. As I was living in another country and didn’t know many people, I started taking my own photos for my school projects.’

Through photography, Carla soon found she could draw on her experience in in a way that was both creatively satisfying and helpful to others: ‘I realised I could bring all my skills together to achieve interesting images. I could also help others to achieve their goals.’

It was obviously a good choice. Carla has built a successful career and loves her work: ‘I feel in my element behind the camera, and enjoy transmitting confidence to the models.’

Carla enjoys the emotional side of her work, and creating connections in the viewer through her images. But she’s also skilled at meeting client briefs and telling brand stories through her work. ‘If I’m working on personal projects, I love to transmit emotions; evoke feelings that can make the person at the other end connect with the image. If I’m working with brands, I like to transmit the values of it, as well as the client’s view.’

After a rich and varied creative career, Carla’s passion for photography remains strong. ‘I love the whole process. From planning a photoshoot, thinking about the art direction, and the styling; to being there taking the pictures; and finally editing and retouching the images. I also love it when the models or clients get really excited with the final results.’

Carla’s confident that her photography can help micro businesses stand out from the crowd; to present a professional image that will help them compete with more established businesses. ‘Since I have experience in different areas, I can help micro businesses achieve high-quality images which can elevate their brand and help them project a more serious and professional image.’

Thanks, Carla!

Find out more about Carla’s story and professional services on her profile page.

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