Ivy Ziqian Wang, Wondering Mind Content Marketing

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Meet Ivy Ziqian Wang, one of the experts offering services on Made by Many Minds. Ivy runs a copywriting agency, Wondering Mind Content Marketing, serving small business owners with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds. She has nine years’ marketing experience in different countries, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Public Policy. She’s also a new mum to a 1-year-old girl, and migrated to Australia in 2018. As a new migrant, she wants to contribute and help fellow migrant women who run micro businesses – usually one-person businesses.

Ivy specialises in developing content for email marketing and website copy. If you’re new to email marketing, Ivy is your go-to person – she’s a one-stop shop. Email marketing is the future of marketing; you will most likely get more targeted sales through email. Ivy helps you to develop your email content according to your products and services, your target customers, your sending frequency, and other factors.

Ivy’s other services include developing email marketing campaigns; and writing website copy, blogs, articles, event flyers, business brochures, investment decks and other types of writing.

Outside of work, Ivy enjoys reading, writing, and practising yoga. One of her favourite books is Work from Wherever by Lisa Messenger. The book reflects Ivy’s dream of working from anywhere, anytime, while still being able to offer the best for her fellow migrant women business owners.

To find out more about Ivy’s services, visit her Made by Many Minds profile page.

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