8 tips on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can help your business

Macarena Erbs

21 April 2023

With AI (Artificial Intelligence) becoming more prevalent, the question arises of how we can integrate it into our businesses to optimise its benefits and assist us in various ways.

1. Personalised Customer Experience – AI can analyse customer data to provide a personalised experience through chatbots, recommendation engines, and targeted marketing.

2. Fraud Detection – AI algorithms can detect fraudulent activities and transactions in real-time, reducing the risk of financial losses.

3. Predictive Maintenance – AI can monitor equipment and anticipate maintenance needs, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.

4. Marketing Automation – AI-driven marketing automation tools can help businesses analyse customer behaviour, run successful marketing campaigns and optimise tactics to maximise ROI.

5. Supply Chain Optimisation – AI-powered solutions can help businesses optimise their supply chain to reduce costs, improve delivery times, and increase customer satisfaction.

6. Human Resource Management – AI can streamline HR processes, such as resume screening and employee onboarding, saving time and resources.

7. Sales Forecasting – AI algorithms can analyse sales data from various channels to predict future sales trends and improve sales forecasting accuracy.

8. Chatbots for Customer Service – AI-powered chatbots can provide customers with instant.

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Macarena Erbs

Macarena Erbs

M. EA Consulting Services

Over 6 years of experience working in Product Development, Production & Processes in Melbourne/Australia, and 1 year as a business owner. Industrial Engineer with MBA in Project Management with and extensive expertise in Social Enterprises working with migrant/refugee women. Real experience of escalating production from craft entertainment activity to a business, and managing production of over 7000 items.

In Dec 2021 I started my own business bonitashop.com.au , specialising in headwear for a cause and baby products. In less than 2 years I have moved from producing 50 units to more than 500 units, selling in 12 shops across Australia and increasing my income from $200 to $4000. I have a strong presence in the market in retail, direct to consumer, and wholesale. My 2023-24 strategy consist to expand my categories and product range to create a great cashflow during all the seasons and create strong B2B relations. I've successfully participate in the Sydney Gift Fair and now attending the Melbourne Gift Fair AGHA in August 2023.