Your Business is your power

Made by Many Minds

30 March 2022

Being an enterprising migrant woman is not just a key option to pay our bills, it is also a crucial activity that empowers ourselves and our families. Entrepreneurship means leadership for migrant women. Why? Because in the process of learning how to create value that others want to pay for, developing a network, learning how to pitch and how to sell, we are pushed to articulate ourselves to make saleable arguments, to defend our rights, and raise our voice.

As a migrant woman and entrepreneur, I have learned that the best way to start an enterprise in another country is by developing a growing network where women in business can support each other to innovate, strengthen and grow their businesses.

Please join our National Business Network. We are powerful together.

Luz Restrepo, Co-founder, Migrant Women in Business

Made by Many Minds