Selling in online marketplaces

Business Victoria

3 April 2023

Choose the right online marketplace and create listings that make sales.

A large number of micro businesses sell their goods and services online. Some business owners sell through their website. Others might sell on one or more online marketplaces.

There are many online marketplaces available, including Made by Many Hands. They offer micro business owners a simple, convenient way to connect with customers.

The popularity and number of these marketplaces is increasing. This means that there is a greater number of businesses competing with yours. Give your products the best chance of success by choosing the right marketplace and creating strong listings.

Choosing a marketplace

It’s important to sell in the right marketplaces for you and your business. This will increase the visibility of your products and the chance of making sales.

When choosing a marketplace, think about the following:

  • Do businesses similar to yours also sell on this platform?
  • What fees does the site charge?
  • Is it easy to upload or update your products online?
  • Is there good customer and seller support?
  • Is the site well-promoted so that customers know about it?

Creating listings to sell products

The better your product listings are on an online marketplace, the more likely it is that customers will find them. To increase the impact of your listings, check the following:

  • Is your product title clear and describe the product well? Does it attract attention?
  • Does your listing include keywords? (Keywords are words, phrases, or search strings a potential customer uses when searching for something online.)
  • Have you used quality photos and graphics? (Check the marketplace’s image guidelines).
  • Does your description clearly describe your product and explain the benefit to customers?
  • Have you included your business name?

Following these tips should help you make a good start on the online marketplace of your choice. Happy selling!

Further information

This article is adapted from the Business Victoria resource, Sell in Online Marketplaces.

For more information about using Keywords to increase the visibility of your products, see Business Victoria’s resource, Do Keyword Research.

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