Small and Micro Business Structure Planning and Review

What will you get?
  • A review of suitable business structure options
  • Advice on legal, financial, operational considerations
  • An action plan for the implementation steps
  • Review of the effectiveness of the governance structure
  • Online or in-person coaching and consulting
  • Access to templates, training and practical information
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Business Name: Run the Risk
Service Name: Small and Micro Business Structure Planning and Review

Are you a Small or Micro Business owner unsure about the most effective business structure for your needs and goals?

$99 (ex-GST)

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Our team of experts can provide advice on the best business structure for your Small or Micro Business, whether it be a sole trader, partnership, company, or trust. We can help you navigate the legal and financial implications of each structure, and assist you in making an informed decision that suits your business goals and objectives.

We can discuss the GST implications of each structure and how to ensure compliance with ATO requirements. By selecting the optimal business structure for your business, you can minimise your tax liability and maximise your profitability, while also protecting your personal assets.

Governance is also an important aspect of running a successful business, as it ensures that your organisation is following appropriate rules and regulations and that you have a solid framework in place to guide decision-making processes.

We offer initial set-up and ongoing governance evaluation services, such as conducting governance reviews, developing governance frameworks, advising on compliance issues, and providing training to staff on governance matters. Our experience can be especially valuable to small and micro businesses that may not have a dedicated governance team or the resources to hire outside consultants.

Please feel free to book a free 15-minute initial conversation to discuss your needs and what we can offer, including an estimate of how many hours it may take.