Small and Micro Business Customer and Supplier Contracts

What will you get?
  • A draft contractor management policy and procedure
  • Establish clear safety, performance and payment expectations
  • Risk assessment on potential new contracts
  • Discuss negotiation strategies
  • Desktop or onsite contract audits
  • Online or in-person training and consulting
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Business Name: Run the Risk
Service Name: Small and Micro Business Customer and Supplier Contracts

Are you a Small or Micro Business struggling to create or manage your customer and supplier contracts effectively?

$99 (ex-GST)

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Our team of governance and management system experts provides services that help small and micro businesses develop and manage customer and supplier contracts. We can help you negotiate terms, review contracts, and ensure fairness and the risks being entered into. Our goal is to protect your business interests while maintaining positive relationships with your customers and suppliers.

With our customer and supplier contract services, you can expect to receive customised contract management templates, clear guidelines for contract negotiations, and ongoing support for contractor and supplier management. Our goal is to help you build strong, sustainable relationships with your customers and suppliers while protecting your business.

Please feel free to book a free 15-minute initial conversation to discuss your needs and what we can offer, including an estimate of how many hours it may take.