Promo Video for Soloprenuer

What will you get?
  • a short promotional documentary about yourself and your business
Sold by: Shervin Ranjbar
Business Name: Zero Textile Waste Consulting
Service Name: Promo Video for Soloprenuer

A promotional video about your life journey and your business helps your business to stand out and shine in the busy world outside.
You will have your own personalised video to share with the world the uniqness of your exstance.

$200 (ex-GST)

Choose number of hours

Have you ever thought about sharing your story through a promotional documentary? 

Have you ever wanted a customise documentary about you, your journey, your business? 

Would you like to have a video about your business to use as a marketing tool? 

I would like to make a video about you. Who you are and what your business means to you. 

Let me and my daughter Helya to produce a professional short documentary about you. You can use it to promote your business on your social platforms and presentations. 

Let us make your business stand out. Let’s your story to be heard. 

Ask me for more info.