Photography- Lookbook

What will you get?
  • 10 fully retouched pictures + 5 edited pictures
  • 2 online meetings to discuss the photoshoot- 30 min each meeting
  • Brief containing all the photoshoot preproduction and timing. ( for you and the model )
  • Art Direction & Styling following the brand identity during the photoshoot
  • Hair & Makeup
  • 1 hour photoshoot
Sold by: Cargranifo
Business Name: Carla Granifo
Service Name: Photography- Lookbook

Brands Photography

$980 (ex-GST)

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Hi, my name is Carla and I am a photographer, makeup artist and stylist. I am offering my services to help brands improve their image by helping them create content for their website and social media that aligns with their brand. 

Paying for a professional photoshoot can be very expensive considering all the people involved in it. From the photographer, to the assistant, stylist, hair and makeup artist, retoucher, etc. but having a person who understand all of this and who is able to perform all these different tasks it’s a bonus. 

I am offering all these services + a 60 minutes online meeting to help you with your brand. 

We can create images that help you attract customers and stand out from the rest.

 You can check my Portfolio here

I offer different packs according to your needs.