Madelin Zuniga, MZ Photography

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Let’s meet Madelin, one of our experts on Made by Many Minds. Madelin’s business, MZ Photography, specialises in product photography.

Madelin was born in Chile, and visited Australia in 2014 to study English. ‘I’d heard so many good things about Australia; the opportunities and the quality of life. So, I decided to come as a student and see if I liked it. Later on, I met my partner and decided to stay.’

Madelin’s career as a photographer began when she started working as a retoucher a photographic studio. Through working on the post-production side, she learned more about how the photography studio worked, and about the art of photography itself. ‘I’d always been passionate about photography, but working in a studio gave me the chance to get ‘hands-on’ and actually do it.’

Madelin found mentors who helped her to develop her skills and find her niche. ‘I had good teachers, and the opportunity to do photography in the studio. I discovered that I really enjoyed it. I became interested in product photography and began grow as a professional.’

Madelin’s passion for photography remains strong, and she’s carved out a niche as a product photographer. ‘I like being behind the camera, it’s my creative moment, where I can play and create something beautiful. I love the chance to create some unique.’

Madelin brings this passion for play and beauty in photography to her client work. ‘I want others to see my photography as a creative, fun and unique representation of their products. I like my clients to feel that I captured the essence of their brand, and to feel happy and proud of the way the photos showcase their products.’

Madelin loves the creative side of working with clients, and finding ways to represent their brand. A favourite part of the process is developing the ideas and concepts for a shoot, and presenting these to the client. ‘And then sourcing all the elements that we will need in the shoot: materials, textures, colours, and even location. All that preparation is fun and exciting and I love it!’

Madelin is passionate about how good product photography can help micro businesses stand out from the crowd. ‘With my experience, I’m able to develop and create a concept that will represent my client’s products at their best, and find creative solutions when showcasing products on social media.’

Thanks, Madelin!

Find more about Madelin and her work at her Made by Many Minds profile page.

Made by Many Minds