Finding your tribe: the power of business networks

Made by Many Minds

30 April 2023

Running a micro or small business can be very satisfying. But is can also be very tough, and at times you might feel isolated and lonely. As a migrant woman business owner, the feelings of isolation can be even more profound due to language and cultural barriers. Joining a business network such as Migrant Women in Business (MWiB) can help to combat those feelings, and provide a host of other benefits, professional and personal.

Migrant Women in Business is a social enterprise comprising a network of migrant women business owners across Australia. MWiB offers a range of benefits to members, including access to networking, business advice and learning through Made by Many Minds. They also provide an eCommerce platform, the Made by Many Hands marketplace, which gives sellers access to new customers. Being part of a community like MWiB offers access to events, resources, and professional and personal support. Being involved can help to reduce feelings of isolation and build connections.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of being part of a small business network in more detail.

Access to resources and support

MWiB offers an eCommerce platform, Made by Many Minds, that connects small business owners with business experts. Through this platform you can learn new skills, receive targeted advice and coaching, and improve your business.

Increased visibility and exposure

MWiB offers a range of opportunities for members, including showcases, fairs, and networking events. The 2023 Women’s Business and Culture Fair, launched by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, was a highlight of International Women’s Day. The event gave migrant business women unique opportunities to network, showcase their products to new audiences and build relationships with new customers.

Opportunities for collaboration

Collaboration is another benefit of being part of a network or community. MWiB is constantly exploring collaborations with business, government, and other organisations. For individual business owners, MWiB provides opportunities to connect with like-minded businesses, and explore potential partnerships and collaborations.

Access to new markets and customers

Being part of a network or community can also provide access to new markets and customers. MWIB connects migrant women with customers through the Made by Many Hands online marketplace. Made by Many Hands also connects migrant businesswomen with corporate partners, offering a corporate gifting program that brings their products to a new audience.

Connections and personal growth

Finally, being part of a network or community can provide connections and personal growth. MWIB cultivates a sense of connectedness and friendly support among members of the network. By connecting with other business owners, you can learn new skills, gain new perspectives, and develop new business strategies. Long-term friendships can also develop that help to make being in business more enjoyable.

For migrant business owners, being part of a community like MWiB offers many benefits . You’ll have access to resources and support, and to new customers and markets. You’ll also be part of a strong network of supportive, friendly women who understand the joys and challenges of running a business. Join our network today and see your business grow and thrive!

Made by Many Minds