Finding a business adviser

Business Victoria

14 February 2023

Starting and growing your business is a challenging task. As a new business owner you won’t know everything when you decide to set up your business. And there are always things to learn! Getting professional advice can really help to get your business off to good start.

Business advisers can:

  • help you improve your business performance;
  • solve business your problems;
  • connect you to funding; and
  • assist you to make good choices to help your business grow, succeed and achieve your goals.

What is a business adviser?

Business advisers generally specialise in specific aspects of business. They have usually have education and professional experience relevant to the area in which they work.

Types of business advisers

Business advisers can help you with specific areas of your business. These might include:

  • strategy and management
  • operations
  • finance and insurance
  • people and culture
  • marketing
  • accounting
  • legal
  • debt and bankruptcy
  • business mentoring and coaching.

Benefits of hiring a business adviser

Getting professional advice can have a positive impact on your business. A business adviser can:

  • help you identify and reach your business goals
  • help save you time and money
  • offer expert knowledge
  • provide an objective point of view
  • provide customised advice tailored to your business and situation
  • help you understand and navigate rules and regulations
  • negotiate contracts and other complex documents
  • minimise risk in your business.

For more information about using and finding a business adviser, visit the Business Victoria website.

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